Unfortunately my current job doesn’t afford me the opportunity to attend events like this, so I’m just going on the live-streamed keynotes. (As an aside, if you do get the chance to attend, you should. The sessions called “TechTalks” are particularly useful, making experts available to answer your in-depth questions).

  • Zero footprint is coming back (bye bye Flash, hello HTML5)
  • The battle with Tableau continues (Desktop continues improving, less gap between Visual Insight and Report Services)
  • Better integration between Desktop and Enterprise (remapping dashboards and their objects to equivalents in the Enterprise dataset)
  • More data sources, data wrangling arrives (manipulating data stored directly in HDFS for example)
  • Web Architect (another nail in the coffin for the old Deskop/Developer application, thank god)
  • Mobile pushes on, lots of geographic/location/proximity stuff, Android app rebuilt
  • More coming

When I get the chance to watch the sessions in full over the weekend, I’ll come back to this post and flesh it out with some commentary.