Really, it can be summed up with one word; change.

Over the past decade and a half, I’ve gained experience of most types of change that can happen in a Business Intelligence. Specifically:

  • Migrating a database from one platform to another
  • Migrating a reporting front end from one platform to another
  • Migrating both at the same type
  • Implementing a new physical schema (DB)
  • Implementing a new logical schema (MicroStrategy)
  • Rationalising a long-standing reporting environment
  • Implementing a greenfield BI system, from initial user engagement to supporting the business after go-live
  • Working with development teams, both small and large, to optimise their development process
  • Extensive customisation using MicroStrategy’s SDK, bending the product to fit unusual requirements
  • Mentoring and advising developers, both from a technical perspective, and how to engage with the business