Working in IT for the best part of 15 years, and in business intelligence specifically for a decade, I’ve learned a lot, some the hard way, and some the easy way. I’ve been a permanent employee, a contractor, I’ve worked on small greenfield projects, and large multinational behemoths. I’ve been exposed to plenty of different development and project management methodologies, and seen most of them succeed and fail.

I thought it was about time that I had a place to keep track of some of my observations, as contemporaneously as is discreet. It’ll be sporadic, but aren’t most blogs?

Also, I have found myself working with a technology (MicroStrategy) that doesn’t seem to have a huge online community. There aren’t many good resources/blogs outside of the vendor’s offerings, so I thought that I’d keep a note of some of the more interesting and out-of-the-ordinary things I do, professionally speaking. Eventually, I’d like to build up a GitHub repo with some example code for people to use. I won’t be doing step-by-step guides, but if you have the inclination, you should be able to leverage some of the things I’ve been doing.